My name is Rittikorn Tangtrongchit, I am game programmer with experience in several programming languages, engines, and tools. I graduated with a BS in Computer Science and Game Design from Digipen Institute of Technology.


As a game programmer, I am really passionate about creating an engaging experience through gameplay, AI, and UX/UI. While I mainly take a role of game programmer who specializes in gameplay, I do have experience in several areas of game development:

  • Gameplay: Large portion of my experience consist of pure gameplay programming in both compiled and scripting language. Whether it be implementing a quick prototype to design/implement a complete gameplay system.

  • Game Engine: I have experience working in different engine including commercial engine such as Unity/Unreal as well as a hand rolled C++ custom game engine.

  • Tools: I have developed several tools for my past project ranging from in-game level editor, specific asset conversion tool, and various custom engine editor tools.

  • UX/UI: I do have experiences design/implement UX/UI for several of my projects, as a game developer I believe that accessibility/readability is the basic requirement to a good user experience, which I mainly focus on a clean readable UI design (layout, color, shape), flow, feedback, and animation.

  • Graphic: I have implement several graphic features/shader in my own custom engine including deferred rendering, PBR, IBL, shadow mapping, point/directional/spot light, bloom, SSAO.

During the past years, I have completed numerous projects using C/C++ custom engine as well as commercial game engine like Unity. While each and individual project present its own challenges, learning from them and getting to do what I love every single day make it very fulfilling and worthwhile.

My current priority right now to join and work within a team that share the drive and passion to create a compelling experience while expanding my skill set to grow and become the strongest version of myself.











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