Cross Counter Tactics

2.5D Turn-based Strategy Game

Tool: Unity Engine (C#)

Team Size: 5

My Role: Gameplay Programmer, Game Designer

Development Time: 4 Months

About The Project

  • Cross Counter Tactics is 2.5D Turn-based strategy game, where each player takes turn choosing their character and fight against each other.

  • In this project, I take a role of gameplay programmer where I get to work on the grid-based gameboard system, character unit actions, map editor, A* pathfinding, camera system, balancing the unit, and UX/UI for the whole game.


  • Implemented the grid-based map system that handle all actions of the character unit on the map including attack, movement, and wait.

  • Implemented A* pathfinding for unit's movement on the grid-based map.

  • Create the Character Selection system that player takes turn to choose each character class for their team, then place all the selected unit onto the map.

Character Selection System

Gameboard System and Unit actions

  • Designed and Implemented the In-game map editor with features including modifiable grid height, paint texture, random generation, save/load to JSON file, and adjustable map size.

  • Created Camera system that can rotate and snap around the map.

  • Implemented function in unit class that handle and change each unit's sprite according to the current camera rotation.

  • Design UX/UI and balance the unit's status.

In-game Mapeditor

Camera System

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