Custom Tower Defense

3D Tower Defense Game With Customizable Defense Structure

Tool: Unity Engine (C#)

Team Size: 1 (Solo Project)

My Role: Gameplay Programmer

Development Time: 7 Weeks

About The Project


  • Custom Tower Defense is 3D Tower defense game, where player goal is to build their defense structure to defense against the incoming enemies.

  • This project is my solo project, where I get to work on all aspect of the game from grid-based board system, camera naviagtion, A* pathfinding to UX/UI for the whole game.

  • Implemented the camera navigation system, where moving the mouse to the side of the screen will enable player to navigate the map.

  • Created the grid-based map system that handle enemy character unit and tower placement.

  • Implemented A* pathfinding for enemy's movement on the map.

  • Designed and Built the customizable tower system that handle the tower placement rule for tower base, body, and weapon.

  • Created the Build System where player can buy/sell tower from the list and place them on the map

Camera Navigation with mouse

Buy tower weapon and place them on top

  • Implemented the turn system that handle build phrase, battle phrase, and winner/losing condition.

  • Created a Bonus Tower system that randomly give player 3 random tower base and body.

Place Bonus Tower with no cost

Random Bonus Tower base and body every turn

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