GOAP AI Project

Goal Oriented Action Planning AI

Tool: Unity Engine (C#)

Team Size: 1

My Role: AI Programmer

Development Time: 1 Week


About The Project

  • GOAP AI Project is a research project for my game AI class, where I choose to explore the GOAP (Goal Oriented Action Planner) System for agents that allow them to plan the sequence of action based on goal and the current state of the world.

  • This mean that even though many agents can have the same goal, they can choose to take different sequence of action that give the AI more dynamic feel.

  • For this project, I wanted to simulate a simple 2d action shooter AI where both of the agent's goal is simply attempting to kill each other and their goal changed in respond to the current state of the world.

Each agent attempting to shoot each other down

Seeking healthpack when his health is low

Seeking Ammo when he run out of ammo

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