Sword Arena

3D Third Person Action Game

Tool: Unity Engine (C#)

Team Size: 1 (Solo Project)

My Role: Gameplay Programmer

Development Time: 7 Weeks

About The Project

  • Sword Arena is a wave-based 3D third person action game where you and your sword buddy try to beat all the enemies in each wave.

  • This project is my attempt in trying to create a third person action game, specifically to implement a fast pace combat system that can handle air combo like in fighting game.


  • Designed and Implemented the combat system.

  • Implement a custom third person controller.

  • Character class implementation that can be control by the player input or AI Script.

  • Create Character system that load move sets based on the predefined Character Profile.

  • Built the Pickble system that affect player status and can override the character's animation data.

  • Implement AI behavior for both melee and range enemy.


  • Implement Sword buddy system that follow the player around, can be equipped, throw, and attack enemy on its own.

  • Write a custom sword shader to create a diegetic UI that show the amount energy of the sword.

  • Implemented UI animation script that handle all the UI animation scale, translate, and color with defined curve.


Launch enemy into the air, follow with combos

Custom shader for filling the bar emissive on the sword

Throw your sword to the enemy and it will do the rest

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